Executive procedure rule 1: always kick a man when he’s down, you’ll never get a better chance.

- Sir John Wilder in The Power Game (S1, 1965/66)

Brian Blessed in The Avengers (“The Superlative Seven”, 1967).

Small Pleasures - Frank Marker photoset made for Fan Flashworks challenge “Silver Lining”.

Small Pleasures - Frank Marker photoset made for Fan Flashworks challenge “Silver Lining”.

I’d think the government had been very clever… if only I could believe it knew what it was doing.

- The Power Game, S2 (1966)

That time Alfred Burke was just a figment of Norman Wisdom’s imagination. (On The Beat 1962).

"Whatever happens, we are involved.  Not the self-seekers, the Gillinghams, the Blighs, the Wilders - us!  The agenda compilers, the writers of minutes."

Susan Weldon (Rosemary Leach) and Colin Townley (James Maxwell) in The Power Game (S1, 1965/66). 

Thank you so much for posting those screen caps of Roger Delgado! :D Please, do you have any more of him?


I do have some more from the same episode of Espionage, but they’re very similar, really.  However, he also turned up in The Power Game S2 (1966/7), so I should screencap that presently as well!  (It’s not as pretty a source, though, as an ITC show.)

Patrick Troughton as John  McBride in Espionage (ITC, 1963 “He Rises on Sunday And We On Monday”).

Roger Delgado in Espionage (ITC 1963 “A Camel To Ride”). 

Girl on Approval gif

Probably too late now for the person who wanted this about a year and a half ago, but I finally got around to ripping a few clips from Girl on Approval with James Maxwell & Rachel Roberts (1961). I’ll upload some bits soon, but in the meantime, a gif:

goa1 on Make A Gif

The clip’s here, but the gif’s better, because they’re actually talking about missing buttons and scissors. (It’s not a romantic film!)

Right at the end of Carry On Nurse, there’s a moment where Kenneth Connor’s character is reunited with his son - being played by his real life young son Jeremy.

I think people must have been accusing Alfred Burke of having the face of a saint, librarian or aristocratic confidence trickster again, because I fear that beard is all his own work.  (He’s still so wonderfully expressive, though.)

Maybe sudden fame following S1 of Public Eye drove him to it.   (“I’m not Frank Marker - look I’ve got a beard!”)